No bank account?

No problem.

Top up your 1ForYou app balance and you're ready to go.

A world of online shopping, paying your bills, purchasing pre-paid electricity and more awaits. With no transaction fees, the 1ForYou app brings you simplicity and convenience. Spend, save, or send money securely from wherever you are.

Getting STARTED.

To get started, download the 1ForYou app and purchase a 1Voucher from any Shoprite, USave, Checkers, Pep, Ackermans, House & Home, or Dealz store.

1Vouchers can also be purchased from any Flash shop nationwide.

Just look for the Flash cow and ask for a 1Voucher. You decide how much you want to top up your balance with. On the app pay and top up your airtime, data, electricity buy 1Vouchers, Netflix, DStv and more with no additional fees.

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