gets your cash online

Pay and top up your favourite online accounts

Without a bank account, you can participate in the online economy and enjoy everything the 1ForYou partner network has to offer.

How does it work?

Three easy steps to implement an easy decision. Improve your offering and include 1ForYou as a payment method.

01. BUY a 1ForYou Voucher

Buy a 1ForYou voucher online or from any Flash Shop, PEP, PEPhome, PEPcell, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Dealz, Ackermans, OK, or House & Home store.

02. Top up your 1ForYou app and pick a partner

With a 1ForYou voucher, you can use it to pay or top up online with one of our partners, or you can top up your 1ForYou app with it, and pay or top up from there. The 1ForYou app gives you a wider range of products and services than using the voucher alone.

03. Enter 1ForYou Pin

When you have reached payment on a partner website or app, enter your 1ForYou PIN and press Submit or Redeem. Your account will be topped up or your payment will be made.

The 1ForYou partner network

Our network is constantly growing, with new partners joining every month. Check back here and stay up to date with where you can use your 1ForYou.

Where do I find it?

Our 1ForYou vouchers are available online or at Flash Shops, PEP, Ackermans, Shoprite, Checkers, OK, Usave, House & Home, BondiCell, Nedbank and Dealz nationwide.