For cash-first customers

No matter your industry, accept the voucher that cash-first customers love

When you integrate with 1Voucher, we give you access to our business portal and leverage our informal market network to get the word out – you’re a 1Voucher partner! When you succeed, we succeed, and nothing makes us happier than a more inclusive online economy.

How does it work?

Three easy steps to implement an easy decision. Improve your offering and include 1Voucher as a payment method.

01. Sign up

Click "sign up your business" below and fill in the contact form.

02. API Integration

Apply our API source code via the business portal.

03. Welcome to the family

Get the word out and enjoy the world of 1Voucher.


Business Portal

Your portal for voucher integration.

  • Leverage the largest information informal retail network in Africa
  • Open your business to cash-first customers
  • Help create an inclusive online economy
  • Marketing support to launch your 1Voucher journey

The 1Voucher partner network

We service some of South Africa's top online platforms across several industries. Join these companies making inclusive payment decisions.

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