What is 1ForYou?

1ForYou is the voucher that cash-first customers love.

1ForYou allows customers to pay and top up online safely and easily without the use of a bank card. 1ForYou works with a wide range of partner websites and apps to create a network of goods and services that can be paid for via a 16-digit PIN on the 1ForYou.

When you integrate with 1ForYou we give you access to our business portal and leverage our informal market network to get the word out that you’re a 1ForYou partner! When you succeed, we succeed, and nothing makes us happier than a more inclusive online economy.

What is the cost to accept 1ForYou as a tender at my business?

Please email info@1foryou.com with your request and we will get back to you.

Where can I find the integration documentation?

Please email info@1foryou.com with your request and we will get back to you

Who does the integration and covers the cost?

You will need to integrate into the 1ForYou set of APIs for your own account.

What integration support do I get?

1ForYou has dedicated integration specialists to support your businesses development team with the integration process.

What support do I get for accepting 1ForYou as Payment?

1ForYou has a fully operational call centre as well as a business support team to resolve any query you might have.

Can I accept the PIN at till in my physical stores?


What is the frequency of settlement?


How do the funds of sales made via 1ForYou get settled into my bank account?

Settlement is automated via our systems and reconciled by our financial team to provide detailed reporting.

What are the access points for consumers to buy 1ForYou which will bring them to my site?

1ForYou is currently available nationally at Flash shops as well as all PEP, Ackermans, Checkers and Shoprite, and USave stores countrywide.

How do customers redeem it?

Customers will need to enter the 16-digit PIN to redeem it on your website or a cashier will need to enter it at your POS.

Can I send money to family overseas via the app?

Not yet. We will let users know when new features become available.

Can I transfer funds from my app to my family member’s app?

Yes, and you can send a 1ForYou PIN to another person’s phone.

Can my company pay my salary directly into the app?

Not currently

How can I put money into my 1ForYou app?

You can top up using a 1ForYou which you can buy at Flash Shops, Shoprite, Checkers, USave, and PEP stores.

How does the 1ForYou app work?

Please see the User Guide in the app menu

How do I update my cell phone number on the app?

You will be able to update your cell phone number under setting in your app menu.

I don’t want to use the app any longer. How do I get my money back?

Call our Call centre on these numbers for assistance,

083 903 5274 (FREE on MTN)

084 193 5274 (FREE on Cell C)

What information do I need to use the app?

Name, Surname, email, cell phone number, and PIN/password that you will create

Do I have to be a South African resident (have an SA ID) to use the app?


What purchases can I make using the 1ForYou app?

Person to person 1ForYou sending

1v QR code scanning






Netflix vouchers

Spotify vouchers

Uber and Uber Eats vouchers

Is this app free and how big it is to download?

Yes, its free to download. Standard data charges apply. The app is a 12mb download on the App store

Who pays the data cost for using the app?

The user pays data fees. There is TINY data usage for transactions.

Who do I contact if the app doesn’t work?

Call our call centre on these numbers for assistance

083 903 5274 (FREE on MTN)

084 193 5274 (FREE on Cell C)

If I put funds into my app can I withdraw it again?

Only as a 1ForYou PIN. 1ForYou app balance cannot be withdrawn as cash.

Are there any transaction fees?


I have a lot of small vouchers left. How can I use them?

You can load them all into the 1ForYou app.

I didn’t receive my change for my purchase. Who do I contact?

You will need to contact the partner you purchased from/transacted with

How long is the PIN valid for?

3 years from the date of purchase

What happens when I don’t use the entire value of my PIN?

The partner you bought from/transacted with will give you a new 1ForYou PIN to the value of the change owed.

Can I get a refund for 1ForYou if I buy an item and return the item later?

Yes, depending on the rules of the partner, which will apply. This may vary.

What is the maximum/minimum amount I can buy?

FLASH shops: any amount between- R1-R1500

PEP & Ackermans stores: Set denominations from R20-R200

SHOPRITE/Checkers/USave stores: Any amount between R5-R1500

Where can I load/use this PIN?

You can see our full list of 1ForYou partners at www.1ForYou.co.za

What happens if I lose the slip or the PIN isn’t valid?

1ForYou PINs are unique and a lost PIN is like lost cash, unfortunately there is no way of getting it back.
For PINs that give an “Invalid” error, please call our call centre for help:
083 903 5274 (FREE on MTN)

084 193 5274 (FREE on Cell C)

My PIN is not working. What do I do?

Call our Call centre on these numbers for assistance

083 903 5274 (FREE on MTN)

084 193 5274 (FREE on Cell C)

What is the length on the PIN?

1ForYou Pins are always 16 digits long. If it’s not 16 digits, it’s not a 1ForYou PIN

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